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Fic Posting -- First Spark: The Promise

Hey all. I know it's been a while since I've contributed anything, but here's another fic for you from a new series I'm about to start. Enjoy


Disclaimer: Yugioh and related characters are copyrights of Konami, Kazuki Takeuchi and others. I’m just playing around with them for a few here.

Storyline: The scene used is one from Battle City, Episode 57 – Yugi vs. the Rare Hunter Part 2 – and of course all other content added is my idea. Just go with it ok? Instead of it being Yugi talking to Jounouchi, it’s going to be Yami most of the time. Yugi will speak some, but not much. I suck at descriptions…

Pairings: Jounouchi x Yami | Yami x Yugi

Rating: NC-17 One Shot Lemon

“People somewhere, somehow, have to support each other to live. No matter who is who’s support…” -- Jason, end of Ai no Kusaba

“You’re a true friend Joey,” Yami smiled shaking Jounouchi’s hand. The two duelists then separated and went their own ways. Jounouchi paused a moment and turned to watch his lover walk away beginning his quest. Lovers? Yes, the pair had become lovers. How, when, where, why and all of the above you’re still curious? Well as I’ve heard from a reliable source, it’s best to start at the beginning…

-- Spring – Post Duelist Kingdom, Pre Dungeon Dice Monsters – Domino Docks –

A lone figure looks out over the bay as the sun begins to set, giving the sky a rustic hue of reds and oranges. As a soft breeze blows around them, they move their hand up to sweep a few stray strands of wheat blond hair out of their face.


The taller teen slowly turned to see another figure walking towards him. This was it. No turning back now.

Jounouchi gulped as he gazed upon the others outfit. If it could be considered sinful, then he was damned to begin with. The shorter teen’s outfit consisted of his usual leather jeans accented with the double belts, but in accompaniment to them he wore black boots that had a metal strap going across them diagonally. He had on cut off gloves that were the same color of his boots and a crimson colored tank top. The chest part of the tank top was leather, but the remainder of it was like looking through fishnet revealing his washboard abs. His muscular arms were decored with black armbands. He always had a flare for the unusual dress. He couldn’t believe this was the counterpart of his best friend. He also couldn’t believe what he was about to confess to him. They were best friends right? Best friends should be able to confide in each other everything right? One would hope.

“Hey, Yug…I mean, Yami. Is is you, Yami isn’t it?” Jounouchi squinted against the still harsh glare of the sun’s fading rays. Hearing the deep laugh from the other, he knew it to be the other being that resided in his best friend. True, they still didn’t know everything about him, but he’d come through for them and Yugi many times. Their Yu-Jou had brought them together and their bond was strong; however…this was different.

“Yes, Jounouchi, it is me since it is me you wished to meet with and not aibou, right?” Yami said crossing his arms over his chest casually. Jounouchi nodded as he tried his best to think of how to explain why he wished for them to meet there to begin with. Yami smiled looking at his aibou’s best friend and knew something was on his mind as he stood beside him looking out over the bay.

“Jounouchi, whatever’s troubling you, you can talk to me just as well as talking to Tea, aibou or any of the others,” he said. “I’m your friend too, am I not?”
Jounouchi gasped fighting back tears as his head hung down a bit. I guess he doesn’t feel the same I suppose…”Sure…sure, Yami, friends…”
Yami looked up at the taller teen and looked to see his face hidden by his blond mop of hair that was hanging down. “Jounouchi?” What’s up with him? Did I say something wrong?

Jounouchi didn’t respond as he then just walked away from the other leaving him alone on the docks.

-- Domino High –

“Hey, Yugi!” Honda called to the smaller teen as he made his way through the crowd over to his group of friends. Jounouchi sighed and then faked a smile for his small friend. “Hey, Yug!”
“Hey guys, how’s it going?” Yugi smiled looking at his friends. He saw Jounouchi smiling at him, but he couldn’t be fooled. “Hey guys, could you go on in ahead of Jou and me? I need to ask him something real quick”
Honda and Tea looked at each other then back at the pair and nodded as Jou and Yugi headed to their normal thinking/meeting grounds – the roof.

-- Rooftop –

“Oh shit…not you again,” Jounouchi groaned as he found himself face to face with none other than…Yami.
“Jounouchi, stop and listen to me for a moment, please,” Yami said quietly. Jounouchi sighed and leaned against the doorway.

It was silent between the two for a few moments. Jounouchi found himself looking over at the shorter duelist who just seemed to stare out at the horizon as the wind blew through his tri-colored tresses.

“Yugi…Yami…whoever you are right now, whatever it is, can it wait? We’re going to be late for class and…” Jounouchi rambled on as Yami suddenly interrupted.
“Jounouchi…I’ve come to care for you greater than a friend. Yugi and I owe you our lives and even though I know that you and Yugi are like brothers and he and I do inhabit the same body, my feelings towards you are greater than that of yu-jou…” Yami said as he finally turned to face the blond.
“Yami…I…I don’t know what to say…,” Jounouchi said feeling tears stinging his eyes as Yami came over to him and touched his shoulder.
“Aibou and I have discussed this and he approves of my wanting to have a relationship with you…but I hope that it won’t affect your relationship with him” Yami looked at the blond with a bit of concern. Jounouchi nodded in understanding as he then leaned down and kissed his itoshi. “I’ll always be here for both of you, no matter what…”
“Coming over this weekend? Aibou told me grandpa is going to be gone for a month at another dig…” Yami said poking him slightly in the chest.
“Don’t worry…aibou’s prepared well,” Yami winked tapping his head. “I really need you, Jou…” he purred in his ear and nibbled on it a bit making Jou groan. “Let’s get to class..we’ll talk later…”

/It went well?/
//Very well, aibou. He’s coming this weekend//
//*chuckles* Aibou…I fear I’ve corrupted your pure soul…//
/*laughs* Nah, that’s not you. That’s Jou and Honda’s fault…have fun and good luck…/
//Aibou…you will tell me if this bothers you right?//
/Ok, Yami, I will! I will!/
//Thank you for this chance aibou…I love you chibi ichi…//
/I know…/

The remainder of school went by fine with everyone goofing around and the usual antics between Kaiba and Jou. Even after all the danger that Duelist Kingdom had brought about, it was like nothing had changed for anyone. Everything seemed to fall right back the way it was, almost like nothing had ever happened.

-- Saturday Night –

Yami looked around at everything. Pizza, popcorn, chips, drinks, cookies, movies…yep, everything was set.

/Condoms? Lube?/
/*giggles* Hey…this is your weekend, but I want you to be safe/
//We will. Don’t worry//
/Good. Now answer the door. He’s been knocking for like 5 minutes/
//Oh my ra…//

“I was beginning to wonder if you got cold feet,” Jounouchi grinned leaning down and giving Yami a kiss.
“Sorry…aibou and I were talking,” Yami said.
“About what? Hopefully he wasn’t giving you sex tips. He got all those from me,” Jounouchi said putting his jacket in the closet as he heard Yami erupt into laughter.

/Remind me to kick his ass at school on Monday…/

“Jounouchi, you’re in trouble,” Yami smirked then burst out laughing again as the pair made their way into the living room dropping down on the couch.
“So…what’s the agenda for the evening?” Jounouchi wondered.
“Let’s see…aibou said you usually like horror and action flicks so I selected ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and ‘Cradle to the Grave’. I’ve never seen either of them; they’re imports, but I thought we could give them a shot,” Yami smiled.
“Sounds like a plan to me,” Jounouchi said as he then hit the lights and the two cuddled down on the couch together and started the first movie.

“AAH!!” Jounouchi jumped gripping Yami’s arm fiercely as Freddy decapitated another victim. Yami stared on at the screen completely fascinated while Jou continued to cower in fear. “Can we stop?” he asked nervously trembling as he held onto his arm. Yami looked over at his trembling boyfriend. “Jounouchi? Oh dear…” he immediately grabbed the remote and turned off the tv facing Jounouchi. “Are you ok? Oh dear…maybe we should’ve started off with ‘Cradle to the Grave’ then…,” Yami looked away thoughtfully for a moment, then suddenly found himself beneath Jounouchi with his lover’s mouth crashed upon his. Yami moaned into the kiss as he wrapped his hands around his waist pulling him closer to him. He gasped feeling Jounouchi nipping lightly at his neck as his hands roamed beneath his top caressing his sides.

“You smell like dessert spice…” Jounouchi groaned licking and nibbling at Yami’s neck slowly getting his top off, leaving him topless as he continued his assault upon his spicy body.
“N-no…,” Yami groaned pushing Jou up as Jou stopped and looked down.
“Yami, I…I…”
“You…get…this…off!!!” Yami growled practically ripping Jou’s shirt off of him and nipped at his washboard abs sending a shiver through his lover’s spine. Jou groaned feeling Yami’s tongue upon his heated skin as Yami made a trail straight from his abs all the way to his neck as he grasped his lover’s shoulders and his tongue continued right into his hot mouth as they danced and probed and explored one another. Jounouchi suddenly found himself on bottom right then as Yami straddled him and continued his assault upon his mouth until the need for air made them break apart. As the two looked each other in the eye, they both saw the desire and the need in each other. They couldn’t go too fast though.
“Yami…,” Jou gasped between breaths. “How long?”
“Eh?” Yami looked up at him.
“How long has it been?” Jou said blushing a bit.
“Don’t worry…,” Yami smiled kissing his cheek running a hand through his hair. “It’s not been that long for me…”
“Oh good…SAY WHAT?!?” Jounouchi looked up at him as he grinned at him like a Cheshire Cat.
“But doesn’t that mean that Yugi…” he wondered as Yami shook his head. “Oh…”
“Just enjoy this, Jou…” Yami whispered as he nipped his earlobe. “You taste like cinnamon, koi”
Yami slowly made his descent back down his koi’s body finding himself halted by his pants.
He wasn’t about to let this small deterrent slow him down from achieving his goal as he then fingered the waistband of Jou’s pants.
“Tell me, ryu, I wonder how fierce you are below the waist. I know all about your upper blaze, but how about your lower one, hmm?” Yami arched an eyebrow as he leaned down and nibbled a line down his stomach as he felt Jou shiver and his hands upon his shoulders.
“I’m fierce enough, maju, but do you think you could handle my inferno?” Yami could’ve sworn he saw fire in Jou’s eyes right then when their gazes met as Yami shimmied Jou’s jeans off of his long legs leaving him in his boxers. Yami’s eyes never left Jou’s as he rid him of his boxers as well in a fluid motion. Yami still continued to lock eyes with his lover as he crawled over him coming back up to his face and traced his lips with his tongue as Jou groaned in pure ecstasy as his hands roamed over Yami’s chiseled features finding him also very much in the nude. He hadn’t even noticed his taking off of his pants, but not that he cared that much. He was wanting to feel, to taste, to experience as he leaned up and captured Yami’s lips in a kiss so hot it could’ve lit the bed afire as he pulled the smaller against him as he switched their positions again. Yami gasped feeling Jou’s erection against his leg. Jou grinned at him as he traced a finger down Yami’s torso.
“Seems I’m not the only one hot to trot…,” he purred nipping at Yami’s neck as he hands roamed down his sides as Yami arched against him, but Jou held him down. “Oh no…this isn’t going to end that quickly as eager as you are…” Jou grinned as he captured his lips in another breathtaking kiss as he held his hips as he teased him grinding against him as he felt him trembling and gasping.
“Now who’s being the tease?” Yami gasped wrapping his arms around his neck as Jou leaned down for another kiss. His eyes flew open feeling Jou’s hand slowly pumping his erection. “Jou…oh by Ra…” he groaned as Jou’s nibbled down his body as his hand worked his shaft. He shivered feeling his thumb running over the wet tip smearing the precum along his shaft as if to ease his task. “Are…are you sure this won’t end soon – mmm – because the way you’re working me – ah! – it just might…”
Jou chuckled as he stopped and looked up at Yami as he offered him the fingers he just had around his wet shaft as Yami’s tongue snaked out and licked each digit clean, but not stopping short of enjoying the salty sweet treat as he made a point of nibbling and sucking on each finger, making Jou groan in pure ecstacy as he took the moment and pounced upon the taller as they fell back on the bed together.


Yami splayed featherlight kisses along his lover’s chest, arms and stomach, giving the promise of things to come. He leaned up nibbling on his ear as his talented fingers tweaked and tickled his nipples.
“Shh…just relax and lose yourself to me…” he whispered nibbling on his neck down towards his collarbone.

/Mou Hitori…you’re killing me…/

Yami chuckled as honey met crimson as he slowly slid down the others lengthy body purposely avoiding the groin area.

/You tease you…/

“You tease you…” Jou grinned seeing what Yami was purposely doing.
“Why thank you…and the teasing shall continue…” he grinned as he planted the same featherlight kisses long the other’s long lean legs giving a nibble and lick now and again to elicit a purr or moan from the other as he shifted his body weight a bit, but not too much as he had his legs pinned down from where Yami sat on them.

When he got around Jou’s inner thighs, he smirked. He could see the other’s cock fully aroused, the tip glistening with precum. ‘Ra help me…I might cave in soon…’

/Please stop. I can’t take much more of this. Just take me already!/

“Yamiiiii…,” Jou groaned wriggling his hips some as Yami blinked out of his trance and he drew lazy circles along his upper leg.
“Trust me…it’ll be well worth the wait, itoshi…” Yami purred.
“Well…if you make me wait much longer…I think I’ll have to beg to differ with you…” Jou groaned as Yami’s lips were upon his again in a soft, lingering kiss.
“I want this time to be memorable for us; after that…we can fuck anyway you want” he said stretching out on his chest feeling Jou’s raging hard-on poking into his stomach.

//Holy hell! You’re hard as concrete…//
/Release me…I need it so bad…/
//Don’t worry, chibi ichi, the game’s about to cum to an end…//
/Nice choice of words…/
//Yeah. I thought so too…//
//I’ll be something else in a minute here//
/Well get to it already!/

Yami looked deep into Jou’s eyes.
“Kami, don’t look at me like that…,” Jou shivered turning his head slightly, then felt Yami’s hand on his face as he turned his face towards him.
“Why? Do you not wish for me to gaze upon such beauty?” he said, his voice no louder than a whisper.
Jou’s face turned red as a cherry as he found himself speechless as he continued to face the other way unaware of what Yami was about to do…

/Aah! Oh yessss!/

Yami nibbled and licked along his length as he inserted a finger into his puckered entrance as he felt Jou grip the bedsheets tightly, but didn’t arch against him for fear of hurting him.
“Oh baby, yessss….,” he groaned as he held himself as still as possible as Yami inserted a second finger into him continuing the scissoring motion to open him more. He however, no longer felt Yami’s sweet hot mouth upon his cock and whimpered at the loss. However that was barely missed as he felt Yami enter him in a swift motion, which made him cry out again. Yami leaned down and kissed his lips gently whispering apologies to him. He waited until Jou shifted letting him know he was ready.

//Are you ok, aibou?//
/Just move…this is killing me…/

Yami thrust slowly in and out of Jounouchi’s tight entrance as he then grasped his still hardened erection and began to pump it in time with his thrusts. Jounouchi had to do everything in his willpower to not turn the shorter over and pound into him. “Harder…” he whimpered.

/Fuck me more, mou hitori…/

Yami’s thrusts and pumps began to increase in intensity as he moved in and out of his partner harder and faster. “Jou…”
“Yami…oh fuck…”

/Harder! Deeper! Pleasepleaseplease!/

Yami held Jounouchi’s arms down as he pumped into him with an unrelentless fierceness as he felt his own climax upon him and felt Jounouchi’s cock about to erupt as it throbbed in his hand as he pumped it as hard as he pounded into Jounouchi.


“YAMIIIIII!!!!” Jounouchi cried out as his cock exploded as cum sprayed on his stomach, Yami’s chest and even some of his face as Yami continued thrusting inside until his climax overtook him moments later as he cried out Jounouchi’s name as he collapsed on the taller’s chest as Jounouchi embraced him as the two lay there…

/Yami…that was…whew…/
//*chuckles* I see I’ve left you speechless as usual//
/How’s Jounouchi?/
/So am I…/
//Sleep then, chibi ichi…//

-- Next morning –

Jounouchi awoke to find himself in bed alone. He sighed as he threw off the covers off, finding himself cleaned off and in his boxers. He looked over on the table beside the bed as he looked to see a note laying there. It read…

‘Koi…aibou needed to get some things done for the shop, so we’ll be back later…”

He smiled as he got up and threw open the curtains, allowing the sunshine to flood the room. As he looked around, he smiled remembering all the memories of him, Yugi and the others and then as he blinked, he could’ve sworn he saw a ghost of Yami standing there smiling at him. He rubbed his eyes momentarily and saw nothing. “Don’t worry, koi, I won’t forget our promise…” he said smiling as he headed off to the bathroom to get a shower.

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*raises eyebrow* Hey, does this make Yami and Yugi total users, or what?
Pretty good smut.
The only issue for me is the clothing description at the beginning.
Ah sorry. I wish I were better on describing clothes on people ^^ *giggles* Sorry if it were a little off. I'll try better next time
Pretty good...I say that they all get together happily *grins*. I love happy endings...yes, I know I'm pathetic *grins*.
Love ya's!
*bows* Why thank you! No, don't be silly, you are not pathetic. Shame, shame for thinking such a thing ^_^ I love reviews
*grins* Yes I am! But I don't mind! I just think it's pathetic to be all sweet and that, and yet that's how I like my endings *grins*. I have a pathetic sense of humour too - and my laughs so addictive it can make others have one as-well. I can make people laugh at 'Quick! Jesus is coming! Everybody look busy!" And I'm sure that's actually funny in context or something...*can't work out what's funny about it* but yes, I laugh because it's so lame.
Love ya's!
Hey, it made me laugh! ^^;
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