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World's Apart -- Yugioh Drama -- Chps. 1-3

Hey all. Remember a while back I had one version of this story that I had based off of a dream? Well I abandoned that one and came up with a new one and this is a total drama. It's got most of the main characters off the show including Valon and Amelda (I hope I spelled their names right) and I have 3 OC's in it as well. This is what I've got so far...enjoy!

Disclaimer: Yugioh and related copyrighted characters are creations of Kazuki Takeuchi, Shonen Jump and related companies. I’m just going to put them into my own imaginary world for a while and put them under my irresistible control and have them do my bidding. Enjoy…


Omega High Students Domino High Students

Atemu Yami – Junior Mutou Yugi – Sophmore
Kaiba Noa – Junior Kaiba Seto – Junior
Suichi Amelda – Junior Kaiba Mokuba – Sophmore
Ryuzaki Rex – Sophmore Jounouchi Shizuka – Sophmore
Haga Weevil – Sophmore Jounouchi Katsuya – Sophmore
Horacio Marik – Junior Ryuuji Otogi – Junior
B.K. Howard – Senior Bakura Ryou – Sophmore
Sari Varon – Junior Ishtar Malik – Sophmore
Sawatari Bakura – Junior Mazaki Anzu – Sophmore
Aivel Akeon – Junior Kujaku Mai – Junior
Levia Akeon – Junior Hiroto Honda – Junior
Mage Xellos – Senior Ishtar Isis – Senior
Headmaster: Pegasus J Crawford Headmaster: Mutou Solomon


Odion Rashid – elder brother to Malik and Isis
Kaiba Gozaburo – father to Mokuba, Noa and Seto

Family Relationships:

Levia – Aivel :: Twins
Shizuka – Katsuya :: Twins
Seto, Noa, Mokuba :: Brothers – Seto being the elder of the three
Rex – Weevil :: Cousins
Amelda – Varon :: Cousins
Malik – Isis :: Brother, Sister

Pairings :: At will and whatever the chapter seems to call for, so be aware! Sex shall abound. Hide from the little ones. This will contain lemons, limes and apples! (don’t ask me what apples are because I’m still trying to figure that one out myself)

Character Interests:

Yugi, Ryou, Kaiba, Jounouchi – well-known artists of the school.

Yugi: Painting, Song Writing
Ryou: Flute
Kaiba: Saxophone
Jounouchi: Charcoal Drawings and Oil Paintings

Mai, Shizuka, Anzu – Dance Team ECLIPSE

Malik, Honda, Otogi – local Rock group TEMPEST; top athletes of Domino

Marik, Yami, Bakura – Top athletes of Omega; troublemakers

Aivel, Levia, Mage – Rival dance team HIDDEN

Haga, Ryuzaki – pranksters

BK, Amelda, Varon – bullies

Uniform Styles:


Males – blue jacket and slacks with or without undershirt
Females – blue jacket w/ pink bow and pink skirt


Males – black jacket with Omega emblem over the left breastpocket, black slacks
Females – silver jacket with Omega emblem over the left breastpocket, white skirt

-- Omega Academy –

“Damn! Just made it!” Amelda and Varon gasped as they collasped at their desks as the last bell rang for the morning classes.
“That’s the last time I follow you through another one of your so-called ‘shortcuts’!” Amelda glared at his cousin as he ran a hand through his pink hair.
“Well, we’re here aren’t we?” he hissed, then the two’s seemingly heated converation was abruptly halted as they heard someone clearing their throat and looked forward to see the Headmaster, Mr. Crawford, at the front of the room with 2 people.
“Transfers…oh goody…,” Varon rolled his eyes then yelped as Amelda kicked his leg as he glared at him rubbing his leg. “Kutabare…”
“Class, I’d like to introduce your new classmates from New Zealand. This is Aivel Akeon and her twin sister, Levia. Make them feel welcome” he said emphasizing the final statement as the class repeated “WELCOME!” as a unit.
“Ah wonderful,” he smiled clapping his hands together then turned to their teacher, Hanagawa. “I leave them in your capable hands now,” he said as Hanagawa bowed slightly and he took his leave. He then turned and greeted the students.
“Welcome, Aivel, Levia and Mage. My name is Professor Hanagawa and I’ll be your homeroom teacher. Let’s see where to sit you...”
Levia then spun around and reached out her hand catching something in it.
“What on earth? Ms. Akeon…?”
“I believe you should take care of the troublemaker in the far right corner, second from last chair. Aqua hair and bug glasses. Throwing darts is not acceptable behavior. Show your proper respect!” Levia said glaring directly at Haga as she dropped the dart into their teacher’s outstretched hand. A hushed whisper buzzed over the classroom as Haga growled at Levia. Levia had just made an enemy…or was it the other way around?
“Haga! Hallway now! Detention for the week!” Hanagawa pointed towards the doorway as Haga gathered his things and stormed out the classroom, but not without giving Levia one last dark look. Levia paid him no mind as the teacher continued to introduce her and her sister.

‘Hmm…seems we’re going to have some trouble here…gonna have to keep an eye on them…’ a pair of blue eyes watched the trio from a distance as he then lay his head back down on his desk and fell back asleep.

‘That bitch…she’ll pay for what she’s done to my cousin…’ another blue eyed individual in the middle of the room glared at the trio. His brown hair was a bit wild and on the long side as it cascaded around his shoulders in a not-so-neat fashion. He was Ryuzaki Rex. He and his cousin, Haga Weevil, were two of the most notorious troublemakers in the school. However, they were smalltime troublemakers compared to another notorious trio…

“…and you can have a seat behind Howard there,” the teacher pointed to the chair located behind a burly blond that was currently catching a snooze. Levia smirked as she passed by his chair. Suddenly, there was a deafening crash as everyone looked to see Keith sprawled out across the floor, his desk overturned.
“Sleeping again, Howard?” Hanagawa frowned at him as he pointed to the door. “Headmaster’s office for you”
Keith growled composing himself and looked all around him at nearby individuals, but knew none of them would dare do anything like that if they valued their lives. His eyes then fell upon Levia who was currently organizing her desk. She paused a moment and smiled at him, which unnerved him a bit, but then gave him an idea of who his victim later was going to be.

“Those three seem like they may be trouble for us” Varon said.
“We’ll find out how tough they are soon enough. Just wait till we meet up with Keith later” Amelda said. Varon nodded as the teacher finally started class.

-- Afternoon –

Aivel made her way to her locker from her last class of the day. The hallway was nearly clear of students, which made it easier for her. She wasn’t a fan of being crowded. Reading over the paper in her hand, she spotted her locker ahead. “Ah thank good…AAH!!!” she screamed feeling someone grasp her roughly by her neck and pick her up off the ground.
“Make a fool of me, will you?” a deep voice growled in her ear as she struggled to get away as she grasped his hand trying to loosen his grasp on her.
“That…wasn’t me…,” she gasped.
“Doesn’t matter to me,” he smirked as she gasped as he pushed her into a nearby open classroom closing the door behind them and locking the door.
“What are you doing?! Stop it!!!” Aivel said as she scrambled to her feet and stepped backwards as he started to advance on her.
“You’re going to pay for making a fool of me, bitch! Commere’!” Keith growled reaching out for her…

Parking Lot

“Where is she? She knows to meet us out here,” Levia huffed as her boyfriend Mage absentmindedly played with her wavy violet locks. She shrugged out of his embrace. “Come on, we need to go find her…” Levia said as 5 individuals headed in their direction, but she paid them no mind until they blocked her path.
“Let me through!” Levia was not one to trifle with when she had a destination or a point to make.
“Only place you’re going through is the nearest tree!” the middle person said as they lunged towards her.
“Hah, you don’t scare me, punk!” Levia said easily jumping over the group as she used one individual’s head as leverage as she flipped over them landing safely and running on towards the school.
“Get back here…!” one called as Mage then stepped in front of them and they stopped suddenly coming face to face with the 6’5” teen.
“I’m your opponent now. Face me…” Mage smirked.


“AI! AI!” Levia called for her sister as she ran through the hallways. ‘Where the hell are you?’ A piercing scream caught her attention as she stopped and began running in the opposite direction.

“Aaah!” Aivel screamed as Keith slung her across the room as she crashed into some desks. She groaned, gathering her wits as best as she could as she shook her head, which wasn’t the best idea in the world as her head throbbed with pain.
“Heh, heh…think you’ve had enough?”
“No…but you’re about to,” a voice said behind him as he came face to face with a fist as he reeled backwards, but before he could recover, he felt a slight pinch and found comfort in the darkness as he passed out on the ground. Levia turned and gasped seeing her sister in a broken, bloody crumpled heap beside an overturned desk as she ran over to check her out. She growled looking over at Keith’s unconscious form. ‘This isn’t over…not by a long shot…’ She then scooped her sister’s unconscious body and walked out of the room. A moment later, three shadowed figures came out of various spots within the room as they chuckled walking past Keith’s unconscious form and peered out watching the girl carrying her sister out of the school. “Hmm…wonder if that was their calling card that they might pose a bit of a threat to us,” the platinum haired individual said looking over at one of his friends, who was the shortest of the three, but had a very unusual hairstyle consisting of 3 colors – black, crimson and blond. His deep crimsons sparkled mischievously as he smirked running a hand through his blond bangs. “I don’t think so. Besides, you could kick their ass in a second flat, Marik”
“However, I don’t hit women though, Yami” the blond reminded him shaking his head.
“I’ll take care of them should they pose anymore trouble though. Bad enough we’ve got those poser punks Keith, Amelda and Varon to deal with,” the third individual said as the other two looked over at him. He was the tallest of the three with skin like ivory and hair white as snow that fell to about his mid-back and deep brown eyes one could get lost in. “However…we’ve got more pressing matters to deal with later on, so we don’t need any distractions. We’ll worry about this later. Let’s get going” he nodded as the other two followed him.

NEXT TIME: Tempest comes to town, Marik, Bakura and Yami discover their dopplegangers gangbanging on the dancefloor, and Keith gets a challenge from a mysterious woman…

-- Shine –

“I don’t see what’s so impressive about this place” Kaiba said, his blue eyes traveling all around the room he and his friends were in. A new club had just opened up a week ago in Domino called Shine and it was all the rage of teens right then.
“Are you kidding?! This place is infamous in other cities around the world. They have dance contests like almost every week and it’s also been where some talent scouts have found new stars!” Anzu said excitedly.
“And that interests me how?” Kaiba arched an eyebrow at her as he then felt himself being pulled towards the dance floor by his boyfriend.
“Come on…I’ll give you something to get interested about then, how about that?” Jounouchi whispered in his ear as he moved his hands along his lovers hips moving him in time with his movements as he closed his eyes, following the beat. Kaiba grinned putting his hands on top of his lovers as he felt Jou’s hands travel underneath his black silk shirt as he felt his partner grind against him teasingly as Jou nipped at his neck playfully. Kaiba groaned as he spun around to face his partner as he pulled him up against him putting one of his legs between Jou’s as he then dipped Jou down and pulled him up in a slow manner to where he was sliding up along his leg.

Someone was getting a bit excited as ice blue met honey.

“Those two never quit do they?” Shizuka laughed taking a drink of her iced tea. Hearing a choked cough, she and Mai looked over at Anzu who was patting her mouth with her napkin and pointing in another direction as the duo followed her finger to where they saw Malik, Yugi and Ryou dancing together in about as sensuous a manner as Jou and Kaiba were as Yugi was sandwiched in-between his two best friends as Malik had his hands on his hips grinding against him and Yugi had his arms wrapped around Ryou’s neck.
“Never knew Yugi had it in him,” Mai smirked taking a sip of her soda. Yugi was known as the ‘innocent’ of the group, but everyone knew better. His large round violets and sweet face might say ‘innocent’ to anyone else, but unless you truly got to know him, you’d never think he’d be anything else.

Anzu laughed as she got up and headed towards the bathrooms. As she turned the corner, she bumped into someone. “Oh, I’m sorry…Yugi? What are you…” she said spotting the crown of tri-colored hair, but then found herself face to face with deep crimsons instead of violets.
“Who?” Yami looked up at her.
“I’m sorry. I…I mistook you for someone I know. Excuse me…” she said quickly going inside the ladies room as Yami stood there bewildered a moment, then shrugged heading back to the dance area.

“Wow! That was great!” Ryou laughed as the trio joined Kaiba, Mai, Shizuka and Jounouchi at the table.
“Malik…” a voice called as Malik looked up to see Honda and Otogi standing behind the others.
“Hey you guys,” Shizuka smiled as the nodded their greetings. Malik then got up from his place at the table and went and joined them as the trio silently walked away.
“Huh…wonder where they’re going,” Yugi said.
“I’d say the stage,” Kaiba said pointing in that direction as they all looked to see them going up on stage.
“What the hell?!” Yugi exclaimed standing from his seat as everyone else looked on surprised as well.
“Did any of you know about this?” Mai asked.
“I don’t think any of us would be as surprised as we are right now if any of us knew, Mai,” Ryou said as the previous song they were all dancing to ended and the DJ went up on stage and introduced Malik, Otogi and Honda’s group – TEMPEST.

Yami looked up at the announcement of the group as he nudged Bakura as Bakura was tearing through some chicken wings. Yami grimaced, “Gah…must you be such a slob?” Just as Bakura was about to say something, they heard Marik gasp as they looked to see their friend looking towards the stage as they gasped theirselves.
“Dude, I didn’t know you had a twin…” Bakura said.
“I…don’t…,” Marik said as Bakura and Yami looked at one another then up at the doppleganger on stage.
“Waitaminute…I ran into a girl going towards the bathrooms that thought I was someone she knew,” Yami said.
“Are you serious?” Marik and Bakura looked at their friend then they scanned the perimeter to see if there was any truth to that rumor as Bakura gasped spotting a head of snow white hair so similar to his own as he grasped Yami’s head jerking it over to where he was looking.
“Kura! Kutabare! Nanio?!”
“Shut up and look over there…” Bakura said pointing his finger in the general direction of the stage as he looked to see a head of tri-colored hair so much like his own as they watched the duo dancing so closely and so sensously as Ryou ran his hands along his shorter friend’s slim frame as their hips rocked together.
“Beautiful…” Yami breathed.
“There’s something familiar about those two though…,” Marik pondered. “Oh well…want to introduce ourselves?”
“Not just yet. Don’t wish to scare the little darlings. I think best to keep at a distance…for now.” Bakura said as they continued to watch the two dance as the song ended.

-- Pool Hall –

“I believe that’s $250 gentlemen. Pay up…” the leather-clad diva said walking over to the group of men standing on the opposite side of the pool table from her as they each reached into their pockets and antied up the money due. They grumbled amongst themselves as they slapped down $25 a piece and walked away.
“Man! I’ve never seen anyone like that…” one guy said taking a seat at the bar.
“That’s because you’re a total wuss man,” a voice said beside him as he looked to see a set of blues peering out behind a set of dark sunglasses.
“You take her on then! You’ll see what I mean Keith! You have yet to go up against her. You know I ain’t no joke! Hell, I done beat you a few times, ain’t I?”
“Heh, you wish. You’ve had too many vodka shots. Drag your sorry ass home, Dixon,” Keith said finishing his beer and looking over towards the pool tables as he looked to see the woman in name as she touched up her makeup a bit. She was about 5’3”, waist length wheat blond hair, curvaceous as hell even with the leather jacket, jeans and 3 inch heels, but hid her eyes behind a set of dark shades like he did. He unconsciously licked his lips as he then made his way over towards the tables. Perhaps she could give him a good challenge, and if not, perhaps he’d at least get a night in bed with the vixen.

‘Hook, line and sinker…’ Levia thought to herself seeing Keith making his way over towards her as she closed her compact and looked his way. “You fancy a game?” she said, her accent letting him know that she was definitely an out of towner…or so she wanted him to think. ‘Payback time bitch…’ her eyes narrowed as he set up the table.

-- Hour and a half later –

“Blue stripes -- lower right corner pocket, red stripes – side left pocket, 8 ball – upper left pocket…and you’ll be cleaned out, right?” she smirked peering out a bit from behind her shades to allow him a peek at her aqua contacts. Everyone was intensely watching the duo as she prepared to make her final play as she got into position and…


Everyone watched as the white ball struck the 3 said balls from their small grouping sending them into their perspective spots just as she said. First, red ball in the left side pocket pocket – thunk. Secondly, blue ball into the lower right corner pocket; and finally…the 8 ball teetering near the edge of the upper left pocket aaaannnnddddddd….thunk. In it went. A bead of nervous sweat rolled down Keith’s forehead as she sat down her pool cue and slowly approached him.

‘Oh shit, oh shit…what am I going to do? I don’t have any money on me…’ Keith thought as she held out her hand to him grinning, then frowned when he didn’t respond like all of her others did that night.

“Something the matter love? I’m not one to be kept waiting” she told him.
“Don’t tell me I played a broken boozed bastard again…,” she sighed as his eyes flashed angrily as he grabbed the front of her jacket jerking her up to him. She laughed.
“What the fuck’s so funny you pompus bitch?” he growled, the alcohol so thick on his breath you could practically see the fumes coming out of his skin.
“Calm down, calm down. If you’ll kindly put me down, I think I know of another way you can pay me for your loss…” she said pointing her finger towards a room near the back of the bar. Keith grinned as he let her go and smoothed out her jacket as she walked past him as he eagerly followed him as she opened the door and allowed him to enter first then looked around to make sure noone else was following as she slowly closed the door behind her and locked it…

NEXT TIME: Keith is a reformed man; Mai, Tea and Shizuka come under heat at a dance competition from a new group; and mayhem occurs at the mall.

(Lyrics to “Hyptnotize Me” are from Wang Chung’s ‘Mosaic’ album that I do own, but the song is not mine)

-- Morning, approximately about 6 a.m. –

Aivel groaned slowly opening her eyes as she looked to see the bright sun filtering in through her blinds and curtains. That’s what she gets for choosing such light colors. She would remedy that soon enough. She felt something warm against her though as she slowly turned to see Levia there beside her. She smiled as she leaned over and gave her elder sister a kiss on the forehead and caressed her cheek. Levia’s eyes slowly opened as she smiled at her younger sister. “Hey…how ya feelin?” she blinked seeing a confused look on her sister’s face. “What’s wrong?” she sat up suddenly.
“Um…when did your eyes turn aqua?” Aivel asked.
“What?” Levia wondered as she blinked and one of her contacts then fell out onto her hand as she looked down. ‘Oh shit…’ she thought to herself as she then looked back at Aivel who had her arms crossed and a look of ‘What did you do now’ on her face. Levia laughed grasping Aivel’s shoulders as she kissed her soundly. “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just say things are going to be better today than they were yesterday, ok?” She then threw the covers off of herself as she hopped up and headed for her bathroom as Aivel followed suit.

-- Domino –

“Why didn’t you just tell us? We would’ve understood?”

Otogi, Malik and Honda suddenly found themselves under much fire after their mini-concert at Shine last night. They thought surprising their friends like that was a great idea. Not so.

“Simply because we wanted to wait and see how things went for us first before anyone really knew,” Malik explained.
“Why?” Yugi looked at him a bit confused.
“Well…,” Otogi said looking off somewhere. “we…we hope to be successful and go on to be a big hit one day”
Anzu touched his shoulder smiling at him. “You should know we’re always going to be there to back you guys up. You should have more faith in us than that”
“Tea’s right,” Mai said poking Honda in the forehead and smiling “you should know we’re always there for each other. Just like we’re going to need you all to be there for us tonight at the Dance Off at Omega”
“You know it!” Malik smiled.

-- Omega – After School --

Amelda and Varon groaned in pain as Mage loomed over them and 5 other guys as Levia and Aivel stood off to the side along with other students.
“If you punks dare to ever approach us again, you’ll wish you were never born!” he hissed into Amelda’s ear as he dropped him on top of the others and walked over to the girls as he put his arms around them as they made their way to their car. Keith walked up to them as Aivel shivered hiding behind Mage. Mage growled starting to head towards him, but Levia tugged on his arm and shook her head. He then looked over at Keith and blinked at what he was seeing. Keith was smiling and had a bouquet of roses? Who the hell was this person and what had they done with Keith?
“Miss Aivel…I wish to apologize for my brutal behavior to you yesterday with these roses. Please accept them and my humble apology” he smiled sweetly as Aivel peered out from behind Mage and looked up at him and over at her sister who was…chuckling? They were definitely going to have to talk later as she then walked over and took the roses from Keith as she gasped as he grasped her hand in his as he raised it to his lips and kissed it gently. “May I escort you to your car?” he said taking her books from her hand as the quartet then headed for the parking lot.

“What the hell?! What happened to BK?” Varon said as he and Amelda looked in disbelief at what has just transcended before them.
“He’s lost his mind. Think someone slipped something into his drink or something last night?”
“Who knows, but I know that’s not the Keith we know,” Amelda narrowed his eyes as he looked to see Levia smirking over at them as she snuggled closer into her boyfriend as they walked off.
“I think she might know though. That twin there,” Amelda nodded towards Levia.
“She’s the one that overturned his desk yesterday too. She’s the main problem. Somehow we’re going to need to corner her”
“Not with that brute near her and besides…something tells me that she probably doesn’t need any protection anyhow even without him; however, that sister of hers might be a different story,” Varon smirked. Amelda nodded in agreement.

-- That evening – Omega High –


The stage was lit up with multi-colored lights as three figures were revealed. Their backs were turned to the audience so they weren’t able to see their faces, but they had cheerleading-styled uniforms that were of the colors of their school as they whirled around to face the audience one by one as the music started. The song – “Hyptnotize Me” by Wang Chung:

Darlin, I believe in love

Since I met you baby, I believe in love

The way you hold me

My heart has turned

You can’t control me

Without a word



Turn on your white light

In my open eyes

Oh girl you hypnotize me (hypnotize me)

I feel your white light

You’re so bright, I’m hypnotized (I’m hypnotized)

And as you’re lookin at me

It’s a deep ecstasy and a word is enough

Just shine the light in my eyes and hypnotize me love


Darlin I believe in love

In this hate-ridden world, I believe in love

Do you know the power you have over me

Use it every hour

Shine the light on me


Turn me on (to your love)

Turn me on (to your love)

Turn your light around to mesmerize me

Turn me on

Just shine your light in my eyes and mesmerize me love

Just shine the light in my eyes and hypnotize me love


As the instrumental interlude played, Mai noticed that the audience was totally taken with their act, including the Omega students. Anzu and Shizuka stepped back as Mai backflipped towards them then jumped even higher as she landed between their outstretched hands as they tossed her up as she did a boomerang flip and landed promptly on her toes between the two. The audience erupted in response.

-- Backstage –

“Hmm…they’re pretty good”
“Huh! They don’t worry me one bit. We’re going to show them what real dancing’s all about…time to really rock this party…” Levia smirked as she pulled a rhinestone crusted glove over her hand. Right then, Anzu, Shizuka and Mai came through the curtain and breezed right past them without a word. Aivel smiled and turned. “Nice dance” Shizuka stopped and smiled back nodding silently.

Elsewhere in the audience, a set of eyes narrowed as Levia and her group came on stage and were announced and they then abruptly left.

A couple of hours later, the competition finally came to a conclusion as everyone waited with bated breath as the winner was announced…


Domino’s dance team came in second. To say they were disappointed was an understatement, but like any defeat, they shrugged it off, stood tall with their shoulders squared and prepared to fight back even harder next time. Mai teased the only reason they won was because of the hunky guy that accompanied them, which had their group laughing.
-- A little while later –

“Damnit…my uniform’s backstage…,” Aivel sighed as Mage chuckled shaking his head as she then climbed out of the car. “Go on ahead. I won’t be long”
“Are you sure? We can wait” Mage looked at her a bit concerned.
“No. I’m certain. I also remembered another book I need to get from my locker too” Aivel said, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to see the truth in her dark eyes. Mage nodded as she leaned down to kiss him. “Love you. Be careful” he said as she nodded and waved running back inside unnoticing the pair of eyes watching nearby.

-- Backstage –

Aivel then re-entered the dressing room where they had changed. “Oh heavens, where is it?” she said to noone in particular as she searched around the room, then jumped hearing the door close.
“Hello? Is…is anyone there?” she said looking around cautiously, but saw noone. ‘I guess I’m just hearing things’ she thought turning back around as she continued to search the room. “Found it!” she exclaimed as she reached for it, then stopped feeling a chill up her spine as she slowly turned around…

-- Next Afternoon – Mall –

Yugi, Ryou and Malik decided to go hang out at the mall that afternoon to try and find something for Mai as her birthday was tomorrow and they were having a surprise party for her. She wasn’t the easiest girl to buy things for as she did come from money. Her father was a successful lawyer and her mother was a graphics designer for Kaiba Corp. Kaiba Corp was the company that was run by Mokuba, Seto and Noa’s father, Gozaburo. It was a very successful gaming corporation which was on the verge of creating virtual technology for the popular card game, Duel Monsters. It was one of Yugi’s favorite games to play – that is, whenever he had time for it. Ryou and Malik played it as well. In fact, almost all of his friends did except for Anzu and Serenity. The buzz about the virtual technology being added to the game had been floating around for some time, but there had been no truth to it as of yet.

The three friends searched through every single book, music and lingerie store there was in the mall and still hadn’t come up with an solution for their friend until they were on their way down the escalator and Yugi spotted the Customer Service Center and noticed they did Gift Certificates. Well, what else can you expect to do when all your other ideas are sure to get shot down? This way, they were sure that she would get something she’d like because SHE’D be the one picking it out herself. Perfect. Just as the three stepped off the escalator and headed towards the desk, there was a piercing scream as the ground suddenly began to tremble and everyone panicked and next thing they knew, they were swept up in a chaotic wave of people trying to get away from whatever was causing the trouble to begin with. Yugi finally got out of the mass of people who had shoved past them and ended up separating the three boys as he ducked down a side corridor and caught his breath as he sank against the wall and slowly slid down to the ground. He wondered whatever it was that caused that outbreak to begin with as they never really saw anything dangerous happening as he peered out when it was clear and was astounded with what he was seeing…It was the girl from the competition the other night having a bit too much dangerous fun with a flamethrower. However, she wasn’t alone either as he spotted two more individuals accompanying her, but he couldn’t see them as they were hooded.

‘Yugi…’ his walkie-talkie beeped at the worst possible time as he noticed her look his way as he ducked his head back in as he then tried to find any other possible means of escape as he spotted a door a few feet away. Just as he headed in that general direction, he heard a gun being cocked as he froze in his tracks and slowly looked over his shoulder…

“WATCH OUT!!!” suddenly there was a colorful blur that smacked into his would be assaulter as they both tumbled to the ground. Yugi heard punches and curses being exchanged as the two continued to fight. He figured while the gunman was distracted would be a good time to try and get away as he silently slipped past the two and began running in the opposite direction.

‘YUGI WHERE ARE YOU?’ Malik’s voice called to him over his walkie-talkie as Yugi slipped the device out of his pocket and pushed the button on it to talk back to him. ‘I’m upstairs on the second floor. Almost got shot, but someone saved me’
‘Someone? Who?’
‘Don’t know. Didn’t stick around. Where are you guys?’
‘Well I made it outside and I’m by the car, but I haven’t heard from Ryou and I’ve been trying to get a hold of him. I hope he’s all right’
‘I’ll try and find him and avoid these other gunmen’
‘Yugi, no! You need to get out of there! The police are on their way now!’
‘Don’t worry. I’ll be careful!’
‘Yugi –‘ he shut off the device and slipped it back inside his pocket as he then turned a corridor and ran smack into someone as he fell backwards. “Ow…damn….” He groaned rubbing his head as he blinked and saw a helpful hand being offered to him. “Are you all right?” a deep voice asked him as he took the hand and almost fell back down on his posterior as he looked up at who was trying to help him.
‘How th…he looks just like me…’ Yugi pondered a moment, his eyes getting wider than they already were. His thoughts were broken as his look-alike chuckled a bit.
“I know what you’re thinking already, but we’ll have to save that discussion for another time. We must escape. It’s way too dangerous right now.” Yami said grabbing his hand as he started to head towards and exit, but Yugi pulled away.
“No! I have to find my friend! He’s in danger and I don’t want that maniac girl or any of her goons getting their hands on him!” Yugi said.
“You can’t possibly be serious! Look around! This place is rattled with bullet holes and fire. I’m sure your friend’s fine. You need to get out and NOW!” Yami’s crimson eyes flashed with concern and panic.
“I can’t leave him…,” Yugi said running away. Yami shook his head and smirked. ‘Intriguing indeed that you are young one…but I can’t leave you alone either…’ he then started to run after Yugi.

-- Department Store –

‘Oh man…oh man…what a time for me to lose my radio…’ Ryou thought as he peered out from behind some clothing racks. He knew one of the gunmen had been hot on his trail when he had the unfortunate luck of practically being knocked into them when he, Yugi and Malik had been separated thanks to that mob of people.
“Here, little bunny, come out of your hole. I promise I won’t hurt you…much” he heard the voice laugh and heard the footsteps getting closer to where he was.
‘Oh kami…’ Ryou gasped a bit hugging his feet as close to his chest as they could go.
“Got – AAH!!!” Ryou almost yelled out when the gunman started pointing his automatic right at him, but still refused to move until he knew what had happened as he heard what sounded like a knife being pulled out of someone as he heard someone grunt and say something in a language he couldn’t comprehend.
“You’re safe now…” a voice said to him as Ryou slowly opened his eyes and was astonished to see his own face, but not his, looking down at him. He promptly fainted.

The female had escaped though as she sped off on a motorbike. She was not pleased that there were interferes in their affairs and swore revenge against them.

NEXT TIME: Levia and Mage find themselves in a deadly battle; Yugi, Ryou and Malik confront their counterparts, and Noa has a scheme in mind to take down Seto through Jounouchi.

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