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Absolute Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction's Journal
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Date:2005-09-12 19:14
Subject:Hello again. *waves* Y/Y fic.
Mood: accomplished

Title: A Place on Earth
Author: Laryna6
Part 1/1
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh
Rating: PG
Pairing: Subtle Y/Y fluff
Genre: Spiritual, slight fluff
Warnings: interesting grammer, slight spoilers for ending of series.
Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-gi-oh, the ending would have ended up more like this, if not outright shonen-ai…go.
A/N: This is me trying to write that reward-fic for Daikaio. Devotion-style again, sorry. Stream-of-consciousness seems to be easiest currently. I’m going to start writing and see where I end up. It’s a little confusing where the hes and hims mean Yami or Yugi, but you should be able to figure it out if you look at it…mostly, and the blurring between the two of them is important.Read more...Collapse )

I *need* a YGO icon. Thoughts? I think I may indeed be more on the ball... except I forgot the disclaimer until after uploading it to ff.net. Will have to go fix...

x-posted a few places.

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Date:2005-09-06 17:58
Subject:DYDOM update, finally.
Mood: cheerful

Title: Do You Dream of Me?
Author: Laryna6
Chapter 19/?
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yugi/Yami
Warnings: ...not up to my usual standards, sorry.
Genre: Romance/Psych./AU(slight)
Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-gi-oh, more people would be up in arms about me not doing anything with it.
Rest of story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1920091/1/
A/NIt looks like I temporarily am conscious enough I might be able to write real fic. See my bio/lj for details. Basically, chronic depression, meds disruptions since winter break, they put me on something new, and it might be helping. Therefore, this is the interest on my 1000th reviewer prize to Daikaio, which is muchly overdue, sorry. I said I’d write a giftfic, not chapter, but I thought this would make the wait less painful. Also, my 150th mediaminer reviewer (anonymous, unfortunately) asked for an update to this… so two birds with one stone. …it’s not even Y/Y fluff, mostly. Sorry.Read more...Collapse )

Again, thank you all for bearing with me.

...I need to make a YGO icon...

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Date:2005-05-12 09:15
Mood: amused

Hey I just joined here yesterday and now I have the time to post a fan fic I really enjoy...

Title- Driving Lessons
Author- Takari Freak
Genre/s- Humor/ Romance
Summery-Yugi wants to learn how to drive. Yami agrees to teach him. Chaos ensues. Rated R for frequent use of Profanity. Co-written with atemugirl.


  • http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2304519/1/

  • The pairing is Yugi/Yami but it is mostly hinted at. I enjoyed it simply for the comedy of what happens during the lesson... Let's just say Kaiba is having a bad day... lol

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    Date:2005-03-29 13:33
    Subject:Good story!
    Mood: content

    Here is a pretty good story!

    Title: An Egotists Change of Heart
    Author: Keket
    Genre: Romance/Drama
    Summery: Bakura/Mai story



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    Date:2005-03-06 13:05

    Hey, I'm new to this community and felt like some shameless advertising
    of my fics on fanfiction.net. I'm a HUGE Seto/Yami fan and have written
    a couple fics.


    Hope you enjoy.

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    Date:2005-01-13 19:49

    Hi, I'm new here, but I just read a wonderful (if not new) story I had to reccomend.


    I suppose it's a Yugi/Kaiba story, althogh somewhat one-sided. Anyway, the author has mastered the characters and the english language. She also has a funny marysue parody, if humor is your thing.

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    Date:2004-11-16 18:02

    Hello, this is Laryna6 from ff.net.

    I write mostly Y/YY. This is my profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/564370/

    This is the first chapter of my most popular fic. Tell me if you want me to post the rest here.

    Read more...Collapse )

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    Date:2004-10-27 14:27

    I hope someone here can help me.

    I'm looking for a particular YGO fic. Unfortunately, I can't remember either the title or the author and all I remember of the plot is this:

    Isis summons Yami (and Bakura?) to the museum. While there, Yami sees his mummy and when he touches the sarcophagus, he is magically pulled into the body -- and nearly suffocates from the tightness of the wrappings before Isis and Shadi free him. The Tomb Robber is similarly resurrected, but I don't think we actually see it.

    Anyone know what story I'm talking about? If you do and can point me to a link, I'd be most appreciative. TIA

    xposted to lucidscreamer

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    Date:2004-10-26 19:53
    Subject:New Member Comes bearing a story

    Title: The Millenia Series Book 1: The Owners
    Genre: Action Adventure/ Romance/ Drama
    Rating: PG13
    Pairings: Almost as many as you can think of but sorry no Yaoi
    Summary: As the others find out that there past isn't as simple as it seems,
    Yugi seems to be changing ever so slighty

    Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1867133/1/

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    Date:2004-10-05 18:16

    I can't get my computer to recognize the links so unfortunatly you will have to go to ff. net and search for them.

    Yami no Yuugi/Yugi: The love of Light and Darkness, by Angelprincess17
    Seto/Yami no Yuugi : It's Deja Vu All Over again, by Nenya85
    Jou/Seto : My God, by DJ Moves

    thats it for now, sorry

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    Date:2004-10-04 07:53
    Subject:World's Apart -- Yugioh Drama -- Chps. 1-3

    Hey all. Remember a while back I had one version of this story that I had based off of a dream? Well I abandoned that one and came up with a new one and this is a total drama. It's got most of the main characters off the show including Valon and Amelda (I hope I spelled their names right) and I have 3 OC's in it as well. This is what I've got so far...enjoy!

    Characters & SuchCollapse )

    1: The Transfer StudentsCollapse )

    2: Shall We Dance?Collapse )

    3: Run Rabbit RunCollapse )

    x-posted in whatever other fic groups I'm in along with my own group yamifansunited

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    Date:2004-09-23 18:03
    Subject:Fic Posting -- First Spark: The Promise

    Hey all. I know it's been a while since I've contributed anything, but here's another fic for you from a new series I'm about to start. Enjoy

    this is a different kind of yu-jou...Collapse )

    x-posted in rabid_mutt, fanfics,yamifansunited, ygo_writers, ygoslash, yugiou_yaoi_con

    (I know...that's a lot!

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    Date:2004-09-14 20:53
    Subject:Recommendation, ahoy!
    Mood: cold

    Title- Before Repentance
    Pairing- Joey/Duke
    Genre/s- Dark, yaoi, revenge
    Warnings- Noncon, yaoi, sex scene
    Rating- NC-17
    Summary- Before friendship, there first must be trust. And before trust, there must first be repentance. Some things are not so easily forgiven. Joey x Duke.
    Link- http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/story.php?no=21453

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    Date:2004-08-04 18:39
    Mood: chipper

    *waves* Newbie here with a trilogy offering!

    These are excellent fics, although one should note they're very kinky and more than a little dark. Absolutely full to bursting with BDSM and naughty things like that -- but WOW ^..^

    Title: Lust, Longing, and a Videotape
    Author: Shakster
    Rating: NC-17
    Genre: Angst/Romance
    Pairings: Seto/Yami
    Summary: There’s a security breach down at KaibaCorp, and Seto decides to take care of the problem personally. Of course, it happens the Friday he’s given all his staff the night off, and he doesn’t like the idea of leaving Mokuba home alone so late. So he calls Yuugi to come over and watch him, but Yuugi’s busy, so Yami comes in his place. Seto has strict instructions and leaves Yami alone. Bored, Yami stumbles on an X-rated part of Seto’s movie collection... with interesting results.
    Link: http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/story.php?no=22480

    Title: Rivals with Benefits
    Author: Shakster
    Rating: NC-17
    Genre: Angst/Romance
    Pairings: Seto/Yami, a little Yuugi/Ryou
    Summary: It’s been three weeks since the now-infamous NBI (“Naughty Boy” Incident), and Yami and Seto have decided to use each other for all their sexual needs. What starts out as a random sexual encounter now and then quickly becomes a full-fledged liaison. Neither can afford for anyone to find out, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult as their trysts become more and more reckless. What are two horny teenagers to do when their sexual appetites for each other are insatiable? And how long can they keep up such a thing without something happening?
    Link: http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/story.php?no=22950

    Title: Possession
    Author: Shakster
    Rating: NC-17
    Genre: Angst/Romance
    Pairings: Seto/Yami
    Summary: It has almost been a year since Kaiba Seto and Yami began their rivals with benefits situation with each other. By now, all of Yuugi-tachi know about the situation and other outside parties are growing suspicious. Seto’s decision to go public about his sexuality causes a media frenzy that has half of Japan wondering if there is any truth to the rumours that he has a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yami finds himself plagued with flashbacks of his past life, and becomes worried that Seto and his situation in the present will end horrifically based on what he learns from his recovered memories. As their “anniversary” approaches, a lot of questions are raised: What is the difference between what they have and a relationship? And how much longer can this situation last without things getting out of hand again?
    Link: http://adultfan.nexcess.net/aff/story.php?no=27263

    (cross-posted to maju_to_ryu)

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    Date:2004-07-23 21:45
    Subject:Some great stories worth reading!

    Title- Hollow Oppression
    Author- marsdemon
    Genre/s- Angst/Romance
    Pairings- Someone from the show/Yugi
    Summery- Nothingness, he was nothing, he meant nothing, empty, just an empty space to Him, but then again He was just as empty too. Pain lets Yugi know he is still alive, that this is not a dream, but the sweet numbness are so tempting.
    Link- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1643044/1/

    Title- Attachment is Pain
    Author- marsdemon
    Genre/s- Romance/Angst
    Pairings- Jou/Kaiba
    Summery- Coming home late from work Kaiba is knocked out in a dark alley and taken 'prisoner'. Blackmail leads to some interesting events that include sex, chains, money and crime. So when Kaiba is free, why does he want to go back there? Yaoi, semi-lime, JouKaiba
    Link- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1637443/1/

    Title- Nedjem Bit
    Author- Sakata Ri Houjun
    Genre/s- Romance/Drama
    Pairings- Kaiba/Jou
    Summery- Can the High Priest Seth find a warmth to his hardened heart while caring for a neglected servant? Can the wounded Kasiya discover his self worth in the arms of his savior? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?
    Link- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1487973/1/
    Note-Not your ordinary Seth/Jou Ancient Egypt AU, this one is amazingly written!

    Title- Conquest
    Author- Moonchild DJ
    Genre/s- General/Romance
    Pairings- Kaiba/Jou
    Summery- Everyone, male or female, falls at the High Priest Seth's feet. He is one of the most desired, powerful men besides the Pharaoh. When a new arrival to the palace captures his interest, will he be able to win the attentions of Katsu, or will he fail?
    Link- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1957958/1/

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    Date:2004-07-18 18:46
    Subject:Fanfic Recommendation

    I recommend "Embrace the Speed" by .... *goes blank* Oops...I forgot the author's name. It's located on ff.net It's a Seto x Kaiba | Yugi x Ryou fic

    And one other thing...Bakura Ryou's name IS spelled with a "u" is it not? In one chapter the authoress says that in the manga his name isn't and I left a note telling them they screwed up in the manga translation because everywhere else I've looked, I've always seen a "u" on the end of his name.

    (x-posted in all other fanfic journals I'm a member of)

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    Date:2004-06-21 13:55
    Mood: anxious

    THANK GOD THERES A PLACE WERE I CAN TALK ABOUT YU-GI-OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan, my room is decked out in Yu-Gi-Oh picuters, and Dragons, I know isn't that crazy! My door is cover in pics of Joey, Yugi, Yami, Seto Kaiba, Mia, Tia, and everybody eles! :D  This is crazy I even write storys w/ them in it, and i got the ps2 game!  Well I'm be updating again soon!


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    Date:2004-06-05 17:00

    **These entries will feature collected stories from this community (that have all the neccessary information to sort) and will be added to memories. This way it will be easier to find specific stories you're looking for. ^^

    Fics of the Paring Bakura Ryou/Bakura and Malik Ishtar. Or Evil-dude-in-the-Ring/Bakura and the *nasal* Marik's, if you want to be Dub about it.

    Not neccesarily Romance. I'm just looking at who the story revolves around. Copy and Paste. ^^

    Fics!Collapse )

    --I haven't neccesarily read all these fics, so I don't know if the summery/main character assement is accurate. If you feel any of these stories are in the wrong catogory, please tell me. ^^

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    Date:2004-06-05 16:52

    **These entries will feature collected stories from this community (that have all the neccessary information to sort) and will be added to memories. This way it will be easier to find specific stories you're looking for. ^^

    Fics of the Paring Yami (Atemu)/Yugi. Or...Yami/Yugi in the dub. What do you know?! A consistancy! Though technically he's "The other Yugi"...

    Not neccesarily Romance. I'm just looking at who the story revolves around. Copy and Paste. ^^

    Fics!Collapse )

    --I haven't neccesarily read all these fics, so I don't know if the summery/main character assement is accurate. If you feel any of these stories are in the wrong catogory, please tell me. ^^

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